Buying vs. Renting

by Jasmine Zapata, MD Welcome to this week’s issue of Brown Girl Green Money. We are a collective of women of color working to reach financial freedom and inspire each other along the way. Thanks so much for joining us again this week. Today, I want to introduce a new series that BGGM will be e … Read Full Article


Our White Liberal Conundrum

by Walter L. Fields NNPA Columnist One of the enduring debates since the enslavement of Africans in the American colonies has been the extent to which well-meaning Whites can appropriate Black … Read Full Article


In Defense of Rev. Everett Mitchell

“Mediatrackers’” Attempted Slander Can’t Touch the Reverand’s Outstanding Work, Leadership, and Reputation by Karma R. Chávez Last week, I hosted a panel at UW-Madison called, “Best Policing Practi … Read Full Article

Healthy food for a healthy learner

The lazy days of summer grazing give way to early breakfasts, packed lunches and afternoon snacks to fuel your student’s brain. Here are some tips for sending your child to school with healthy options … Read Full Article